San Diego Junior Chamber of Commerce ('San Diego Jaycees'): a community service, business development and leadership training organization for young professionals who want to have fun!
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 Past & Present Presidents


# President Year
71th Kathy Eckery 2005
70th Lynne Hansen 2004
69th Brad Weinstein 2003
68th Steve Muller 2002
67th Tara Warnberg 2001
66th Sergio Martinez 2000
65th Lisa Gunther 1998-99
64th Sergio Martinez 1997-98
63rd Jim Whelpley 1996-97
62nd Shawn Shook Kornegay 1995-96
61st Kim Volkmer 1994-95
60th Patricia Carpenter 1993-94
59th Alison L. Fisher 1992-93
58th Lisa Janicek 1991-92
57th Bruce O'Brien 1990-91
56th Lori K. Sheets 1989-90
55th Wendy D. Reuben 1988-89
54th Mark D. Tunney 1987-88
53rd Charles J. Salas 1986-87
52nd L.F. "Buz" Schott 1985-86
51st Steven Davis 1984-85
50th John Chalker 1983-84
49th Gary Kincannon (1/2 year) 1982-83
49th Marty Wilson (1/2 year)
48th Dan Minteer 1981-82
47th Ted Pena 1980-81
46th Harold Butch Kempa 1979-80
45th Harold Butch Kempa (1/2 year) 1978-79
45th Tom Hinton (1/2 year)
44th Jim Spievak 1977-78
43rd H. Wade Stone 1976-77
42nd William H. Wilson 1975-76
41st Robert L. Fisher 1974-75
40th Jeffrey Heyser 1973-74
39th Kenneth C. Shuttleworth 1972-73
38th John R. Ihrig 1971-72
37th Paul F. Zemke 1970-71
36th Ronald F. Del Principe 1969-70
35th G. Wesley Harker 1968-69
34th Melvin E. Curry Jr. 1967-68
33rd Stephen P. Cushman 1966-67
32nd Bill Kellogg 1965-66
31st Michael Goodwin 1964-65
30th Charles O. Dixon 1963-64
29th Wallace Featheringill 1962-63
28th Dale A. Pursel 1961-62
27th Anthony Anewalt 1960-61
26th Robert J. Crouch 1959-60
25th James B. Still 1958-59
24th James R. Iverson 1957-58
23rd John L. Allen 1956-57
22nd Edmond L. Flood 1955-56
21st Calvin Flynn 1954-55
20th R. Sherman Platt 1953-54
19th Bruce Robbins 1952-53
18th Griffith J. Hayes 1951-52
17th Hon. Bob Wilson 1950-51
16th Jerome W. Rudrauff 1949-50
15th Jack J. Lovejoy 1948-49
14th Stanley Byrne 1947-48
13th George Hawley 1946-47
12th Gordon E. Wiggins 1945-46
11th Paul T. Mannen 1944-45
10th William P. Brotherton 1943-44
9th Paul T. Mannen 1942-43
8th Cecil G. Gray 1941-42
7th Tom H. Hamilton 1940-41
6th Irving E. Friedman 1939-40
5th Donald Smith 1938-39
4th William LaMonte 1937-38
3rd Charles Davies 1936-37
2nd Fred Kunzel 1935-36
1st Ewart W. Goodwin 1934-35


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